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Institute for Humane Education




my part

- Illustration
- Storyboarding
- Animation

I worked on this project while working at Expanded Circle Collective 
The first video is made for students, to learn about what it means to be a solutionary and the second video is for teachers to learn about different ways to implement humane education practises in their classroom.

"Solutionary: a person who identifies unsustainable, unjust, and inhumane systems and transforms them in ways that do the most good and least harm for people, animals, and the environment. Bring a solutionary lens to problems; think like a solutionary; and help build a more equitable, compassionate, and healthy future for all!"

Phew! Working on 15 minutes of consecutive animation was a new experience for me.
I had to use a simple illustrative style and used some tricks to make it easier to add characters.
With the help of Rubber Hose and some basic expressions in After Effects I rigged up 1 character and made it possible to change their hairstyle and color, skin color, and their outfit style and color with one click of the button.


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