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my part

- Script
- Storyboarding
- Illustration
- Animation

Indaad is an organization based in Amsterdam. They focus on helping youths and young adults that struggle to participate in society due to problems like; mental health issues, addiction, trouble with the judicial system or in their home situation. They provide a personal coach that helps them navigate the, often very complicated, intersection of issues that's holding them back.

They recently did a full re-branding and I was tasked with the creation of a matching explainer animation and accompanying web-illustrations. The simple character is based on the people in their logo.




On the left is the initial character design. However the client was looking for a design that matched their new logo and was easy to implement as illustrative elements in their web and print design. On the right is the final character design next to the logo. It is a simple design but it now fits the branding perfectly. Check out the Indaad website to see some other uses of the character.

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