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Neighborhood Online




my part

- Illustration
- Animation


UX design and animation

I love making small towns and worlds!
So I definitely had fun making this Lottie loader animation for a service that generates a community website for your neighborhood.

The load times for this service can take quite a while, so we needed a loader animation that took a few minutes without getting boring. So we decided on a little neighborhood being build and then being lived in.

Along with the building loader I also created a footer and a separate animated neighborhood with just the people living their lives.

The full construction Lottie takes about 4 minutes since that is the average load time for the website generator. After the 4 minutes the loop below plays.

I love adding in some small animated details for every house to make the street really come alive. My favorite is the hissing cat and the squirrel running up the house.


The street animation loop also works as a footer due to the small size of the Lottie file.


Off course it all starts out with a wonky sketch.

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