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my part

- Illustration
- Storyboarding
- Animation


POH-GGZ is a profession in the Netherlands that was created to alleviate the ever growing load on the mental healthcare system. A POH-GGZ worker is a professional that works in the space between the GP and the mental healthcare system to provide immediate help to people searching professional mental health care and to avoid them getting trapped in a congested system.

The Landelijke Vereniging POH-GGZ is an organization that unites and represents these workers. They provide free education, seminars, research and conferences to help grow this profession to the highest quality possible.

I was asked to make an animation for their new website to celebrate their recent growth and accomplishments.
The organization got exited about the illustrations I was making for the storyboard and asked me to also provide illustrative elements to embed in their web-design.

I had a lot of fun working with the bright colors from their branding design, since I usually work with more matted colors. It was important to show a diverse selection of characters to accurately depict their member base.



Process & Reference

First I make sketches of all the scenes and characters. Then I trace and refine those in illustrator before I make them come alive in After Effects.


I'll make an illustrated shot for every scene so the client has a good idea of what the full animation is going to look like.

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