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Beun&Haas Visuals  was a studio based in the Netherlands. A college friend and I co-founded the business together in 2009.
We started out as a VJ and visual installations team. We did projects for bands, DJ's and festivals all over the Netherlands.
After a few years we slowely evolved into a fun and creative motion graphics studio.
These where formative years of teaching ourselves the fundamentals of design and animation.
We worked for a wide selection of different clients ranging from, bands, banks, pension funds, biogas engineers and tech start-ups.

After 7 years it was time to move on when I got offered a full time position at an international organization, that allowed me to travel around while working on a project that I was passionate about.  

Below you can view some of our last showreels.


Motion graphics showreel 2015

VJ Showreel

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