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Who is Hillmotion?

That would be me! My name is Thomas van den Heuvel and here is a bit if information about my professional life.

With over 10 years of experience in motion design, I continue to find joy and purpose in the creative process and learning new skills and tools.

My specialization lies in character-driven educational animations and designing engaging UI motion elements.

I started my career in motion design as the co-founder of Beun&Haas Visuals, a visual arts studio in the Netherlands. There I focussed mostly on live VJ performances, video-art installations and projection-mapping at festivals around the country, before slowly switching to motion graphics design.

A significant portion of my professional life after that was dedicated to working at international animal advocacy non-profits, where I was in charge of creating short educational animations. Furthermore I learned how to collaborate effectively with a multidisciplinary team in a remote work setting.

Recently I’ve been focussing on my freelance career and enjoy collaborating with people who have a shared passion for education, science, social change and sustainability.

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