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my part

- Illustration
- Animation
- Direction

I was contacted by the cool folks from Digital Twin Studios to help them out creating illustrations, icons, Lottie animations and a logo redesign for their client Entheos.

They were inspired by earlier isometric work I've made and wanted to visualize Entheos' energy future in a similar style.

For the logo design I directed my old friend and designer of all things real and digital Lennartb. I then animated the end result, using Lottie, for web-use. 

During the process I helped create a stronger color palette for the branding.

I love creating isometric worlds and Digital Twin has been amazing during the process. Hopefully we'll have some more colabs coming up!



I went to a couple different variations for the icons so the web-design team could pick what would work best with their layout and styling. In the end the neutral version was chosen. I animated two of the icons, to create a little more dynamics on their specific page.



Animated illustration that explains the advantages Entheos offers to existing battery systems.

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