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Explainer Animations

Animation is a wonderful tool to educate or engage an audience and inspire people to take action. 

My specialty is character driven explainer videos, but in my 10+ years in the business I have worked on things varying from video art installations, music videos, animated logos, documentary motion graphics, UI animations, non-profit social media campaigns and anything in between.

As you see there are many ways to use animation. I will help you find the best way possible to use animation to visualize your story!

Explainer with characters

This is best used for story-telling projects for topics like:  education, non-profit fundraising, human interaction services or other content that require an emotional connection.

Character design and animation is the most time consuming part of animation. So naturally projects with characters will take a little longer to complete and will cost a little more.

Explainer abstract

This is perfect for explaining an online service, SaaS businesses, technical processes, or a data visualization.
I use a combination of 2D and 3D techniques to create an artistic and easy to understand representation of the service you provide.


It's hard to make cookie cutter prices for unique projects. The time spend working on a project depends on many factors, so I will make a custom fixed-price for each project. a 60 sec animation often takes more than a week to complete, in some cases even a month.

These are some aspects that affect pricing:

  • Style 

  • Length

  • Characters

  • Script

  • Voice-over

  • Audio design

  • Format

2D or 3D. Hand drawn or vector.  There are many options and some take longer than others

This seems obvious, but the longer the animation the more time production will take

Designing, rigging and animating characters is one of the most time consuming parts of the animation process

A script needs to be fit for visualization. I can help write an engaging text to base the animation on

I can help find the right voice for your project

I can work with stock audio or team up with a professional audio engineer for custom music and sound effects

Just one 16:9 video or extra adjusted versions for social media stories and posts. Anything is possible!

A few more explainers


1. Brief

First I'd like to get to know you and your organization. It's important that I understand your goals and values.
We’ll have a conversation about the purpose of the video and the audience you want to reach, the feeling that needs to be conveyed to the viewer and what style would work best to achieve that.

2. Script

A script is best written in collaboration. You know the best way to describe your service or product. I'll help out to find the best way to translate that to a visually stunning story.

3.Storyboard + style frames

Next I will sketch out scenes to go along the visual cues in the script to get a good idea of the complete story.

Style frames are one or two images based on key scenes in the script to showcase the style. Only when I know you are 100% satisfied with the chosen style we will continue.


If a voice-over was chosen for this project, this is the time we hit record! We need the voice at this point to get the timing for the animation just right.

If you need help finding voice over talent I can help you out.
I work with a diverse network of people to give the right voice to your project.

5.Animated draft

Now that all the scenes and the voice-over are approved, it’s time to get moving and animate all the scenes. After  this point I will send over a first draft.

6.Music + Sound fx

At this point the sound engineer has already started on the music and with most of the animation done, they'll use their expertise to see if there are any actions that would really spring to life with some subtle sound effects.

7. Compositing

Compositing is the process of putting all elements together. This is also the time where we work on adding all the final touches, like color corrections and lighting.


We’re done! The animation is ready to be set free in the wild. Of course we’re happy to help with placement, to ensure that your intended audience will see your story.

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