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UI Motion-Design

Whether it's a subtle animated icon, visual explainer of a tool, or an engaging loading animation, well-executed UI animations can evoke emotions and establish a connection between the user and the interface.

I create custom, lightweight, scalable, animated elements that are easy to integrate on websites and apps.
For these projects I use Lottie and Spline 3D.

Some examples of my work:


A illustrative visual support the context of your webpage or just something topical to break up a long text.

Is your service about alternative energy or EV's? Why not add this Lottie animation from one of my animation packs on Iconscout



A set of 51 animated Lottie icons for sale on Iconscout.

For another icon example check out this project.


One Lottie animation of a set for the Tesla app Tessie. Check out the rest of them here.

Here is another explainer example.


Add 24/7 monitoring, driving history, charging analytics, voice controls and more to your Tesla - with intuitive, beautiful applications for every device.

The best, better.


A full page Lottie loader for a website building platform. Learn more about the project here.

Check out this link for an app pre-loader animation example.


Pushing the limits of Lottie is definitely something I like to do. For example a full screen animated header like this one I made for de Netwerkstad.


Subtle animation to a logo is a great way to spruce up your website or e-mail signature.

Check out other logo animations I did here.


Interactive elements like these are great for data visualizations or to showcase a product in 3d.

You can orient the camera and trigger animations.

Spline design is an awesome tool for real time web-based 3d design.


Characters can help build an emotional connection while also aiding in explaining a service or tool. My specialty is character driven explainers, so definitely contact me if you're looking to ad some character to your business!

Motion in UI-design is a wonderful tool to engage your audience in a playful way.
Besides  just giving fluidity to static elements, thoughtful motion-design can guide users through complex processes and bring life to your service or platform.

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